Monroe County Students Rock!

on Saturday, 23 June 2012. Posted in School Supply Collection Drive

Students in Monroe County, Kentucky took the initiative about six months ago to organize a community wide school supplies collection drive. Through their consistent motivation, the students were able to collect about 10 boxes of school supplies.


The students are Matthew Allen (leader), Coral Serrano, Heather Shand, Teresa Roethling, May Zheng, Nick White, with the help of other students who are becoming prominent assistants affiliates.

We will be receiving these supplies next week. Their teacher and mentor Shari Froedge graciously volunteered to bring the supplies to Louisville from Monroe County, which is three hours drive from Louisville.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this school supplies collection drive. It is the motivation of people like the students in Monroe County that keeps us going on to reaching our goal of delivering school supplies to the students in Ethiopia.

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World on the Square 2012

on Tuesday, 14 August 2012. Posted in School Supply Collection Drive

The annual family friendly event at Corydon, IN brought different countries at the square – World on the Square. The program starts with the Native American group with their uniforms and presenting their patriotic march. 


Some of the participants


My family enjoyed sharing about Ethiopia

Children pick up their passports with several questions so they can go around the globe asking about the country and learning on the way. 

I enjoyed the afternoon introducing Ethiopia and UniKids
China booth (one of the booths displayed)

Bracelets from Ethiopia
This event occurs the second Saturday in August. The organizers do a great job in setting up the location for the exhibitors providing cold water when it is hot and plastic covers when it rains.
Flaminco Dancers

Local restaurants showcase free samples of their cuisine for everyone to enjoy.
With one of the organizers Linda
Kids dancing on the stage
Throughout the program, there is music and entertainment. Flamenco dancers, local musicians, kids dancing, face painting, martial arts show, etc.

This is a very friendly event that introduces the locals to the world around them. People come to each booth to ask questions, learn a thing or two and mostly amazed that their city is indeed multicultural.
This is an event to look forward to every year. For more information about this event, visit 

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