School Supplies Donated in Peru – June 2018

UniKids Helped Students in Peru – June 2018

Whenever we get the opportunity to provide school supplies to those in need, we get excited to add to the list of our recipient schools. This time, a group of students, including my daughter, visited Peru in June with the guidance of Mrs. Shannon Kederis,  Advanced World Geography teacher at duPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY.

Below is Mrs. Kederis’ summary of the school supplies donation process.

The trips to the schools, I would say, was one of the highlights of the entire trip.  It was arranged for us to go to 2 schools.  An upper-grade level school in Lima and a lower grade school in Cuzco.

We decided to deliver the school supplies to the first school because it would eliminate the subsequent cost to ship the two boxes on several more flights.  I suppose you heard that Delta covered the cost of the shipping of both boxes from Louisville to Lima (so nice!!)

Carlos Pareja Paz Soldan was the school that received the school supplies.  In the pictures, you will only see boys.  Apparently, the girls go to school earlier in the day because they go home and help with the chores and younger siblings. We arrived in the afternoon and it was mostly just boys.  But nonetheless – it was a huge success.  One of the older boys told one of our students it was the first time he had ever seen an American.

They were excited to receive the supplies and it was a great opening to starting a conversation between our students and theirs.   By delivering these supplies, it gave our students a rare opportunity to engage with others, like themselves in a completely different environment.   After the distribution and conversation, all the students went out to the soccer field – it was amazing to watch!  Even the Peruvian teachers were out there playing.  They also played basketball.

Thank you so much to Unikids for providing not only much-needed school supplies for these students in Peru but for allowing it to be an avenue of exchange and friendship between young people of two completely different cultures.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and please feel free to use any / all the photos and anything I have said in this email.  If there is anything else whatsoever that you need from me, please, let me know. Again, thank you!!

We would like to give our gratitude to Mrs. Shannon Kederis, her husband, George, the chaperon teachers, the students, and the guides in Peru for giving the students such an awesome experience.

Let the giving continues. Your continued financial support means that we will be able to reach more students in the coming year. Thank you for your continued school supplies and monetary donation.

Senait Mareligne, Founder


School Supplies for US Virgin Islands

We have been provided with the following list of school supplies that are needed by the school in the US Virgin Islands. The Island was hit by last year’s hurricane and this school has been seriously affected as a result. Your support this year would mean the 200 students they serve will have continued supplies of educational materials. If you are not able to donate the school supplies, will you consider a monetary donation to help us with the shipping cost of the school supplies?

For a monetary donation, please Click Here.

For School supplies donation, please see the list below and contact me or 502.235.8682 to arrange to pick up/drop off.

  • Many easel style whiteboards
  • Small, lap size whiteboards
  • Expo markers & erasers
  • Sharpie markers (fine point, regular, extra-large)
  • Graphing display calculators
  • Cork boards
  • Post -It; various sized packs of colors
  • Post-It flags
  • Thermal laminating pouches 8 7/8″ x 11 3/8 “
  • 120 composition books-wide ruled Priority
  • 120 composition books-college ruled Priority
  • 120 graph ruled composition books-4 squares per inch Priority
  • Pencils-pre-sharpened, #2, soft lead yellow barrel Priority
  • Tri-fold display boards (black and white)
  • Binder clips-assorted sizes
  • Flash drives
  • Banker boxes

Thank you so much for your continued support. We can’t do all that we do without your help.

You are highly appreciated!

Senait Mareligne, Director, UniKids

UniKids, a 501©3 non-profit organization in Louisville, KY, provides gently used and new school supplies to students in orphanages and underprivileged families in developing countries.

The behind story – school supplies recipients

 Dear Supporters:

The story behind some of our school supplies recipients in Ghana.

Part of the school supplies shipped to Ghana in 2017 where donated to Aswaj Academy. A school located in Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The school was set up to support the Zongo community. The term Zongo refers to an area whereby predominantly Muslim community lives.

There are over 300 pupils in the school. According to the headmaster of the School Mr. Misban Osman, on average the girls are a little ahead of boys in terms of academic performances. We decided to donate the items to girls to encourage the girl child education in the Zongo communities across Ghana.

How you can help:

Monetary donation via PayPal (UniKids is a PayPal Verified Charity): PayPal Donation

To Donate school supplies: Donate School Supplies

Thank you for your continued support.

For more information, contact Senait Mareligne at 502.235.8682 or email at

Thank you.

UniKids Team


UniKids’ 2018 Give-a-Day Week

Dear Supporters:

We are kicking off 2018 school supplies collection drive by participating in The Mayor’s Give-a-day week in Louisville, KY – April 14 to April 22. This is an opportunity for those in Louisville to help us with our school supplies and fund collection drive and for out of state supporters to help us monetarily to cover the cost of shipping the school supplies to students in orphanages and low-income families in Ghana, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and other developing countries.

Here is the link to register and to support UniKids:  

Here is how:

Go to:
Select “volunteer for an existing project” – Scroll down to “advanced search”
Enter KEYWORD “school supplies” at “volunteer opportunity keyword
Click search – Click on the opportunity link “School Supplies Collection Drive”
Scroll down to “Register for this opportunity”

Ways to help:
Donate School Supplies: we need elementary and middle school supplies. For example:
Crayons – Colored Pencils – Markers – Rulers – Erasers – Scissors – Backpacks – Glue Sticks – Sharpeners – Pencil Boxes – Workbooks -Coloring Books – Folders – Index Cards

Monetary donation via PayPal (UniKids is a PayPal Verified Charity): PayPal Donation

Your donation of any amount will help us deliver the supplies collected to students in our local community and to those in developing countries.

Your support of any kind is highly appreciated! Thank you.

If you have any questions, please call me at 502-235-8682 or email me

Senait Mareligne
UniKids Inc.

Thank you Note – Humana

Last September, the StratCom Culture Club at Humana, Louisville, KY organized a collection drive to help UniKids. They collected and donated crayons, colored pencils, markers, rulers, erasers, scissors, folders, etc. We are so happy to have received these school supplies. Our special thanks goes out to our supporter and donor Tonya Donahue for coordinating this effort. Students in developing countries will be benefiting from the donations we received from the culture club. Thank you!

IUS Adult Center – Thank you!


Donation Received

We would love to give our thanks to  Kimberly D. Pelle of Indiana University Southeast. She coordinated the annual Ethiopian coffee ceremony and continued to introduce UniKids to the Adult Student Center. As part of the collection drive, we have received the school supplies and the funds raised to cover the cost of shipping to students in developing countries. Thank you!


Press Release


Senait Mareligne, Director



LOUISVILLE, KY – May 18, 2011

A campaign to provide students in orphanages and low-income families in Ethiopia and other developing countries has called on schools in Louisville, KY to get involved in the cause.

UniKids, a not-for-profit organization founded by native Ethiopian and Louisville resident Senait Mareligne, collects gently used and new school supplies and books from area schools and ships to Ethiopia, The Gambia, and other developing countries.

Many families struggle to equip their children with the necessary school supplies they need to pursue their education. They face difficulty to even buy the children the basic paper, pen, and pencil. However, the children are committed as they get up every morning and go to school.

UniKids goal is to boost these students learning desire by adding color and excitement to their learning experience. Our goal is for each student to have crayons, coloring pencils, coloring papers, markers, etc at their disposal and help them expand their imagination.

School supplies collection drive is going on through out the month of May to engage as many schools as possible before the end of the school year. So far, six area schools are committed to involve their students in the drive and donate school supplies and books.

The goal is to reach to ten schools where UniKids will be able to collect enough supplies to support about 500 students in orphanages and low-income families in Ethiopia.

For more information, call 502.235.8682 or visit

Find us on UniKids Face book Page.