About Us


UniKids Inc. started its work in 2007 by donating a box of gently used school supplies to one classroom in Ethiopia, East Africa.

The school supplies, though few in quantity, were helpful to these children. They were excited to get crayons, markers, scissors, erasers, etc. Without these supplies, they would have mainly continued their education with the basic pen and pencil. These supplies added color to their daily activities.

In 2008, the concept expanded from one box of supplies to many more through the participation of an elementary school in Louisville, KY. The principal, teachers, parents, and students came on board and donated boxes of supplies with great enthusiasm. The following year, we got a second school on board and more than doubled our supplies.

Today, UniKids is a tax-exempt non-profit organization in Louisville, KY and collaborates with more schools each year to support the educational needs of children in developing countries. Low-income school-aged children and orphans in developing countries cannot afford to buy these supplies and therefore lack the necessary tools to expand their imagination and to experience the wonders of color.

We are glad that we started the journey of rallying US students to become the Young Helping Hands to fellow students in developing countries.

Meet the Team


Senait Mareligne – Founder & Director

Abiy Damtew – System Administrator