Shipping Status to Ethiopia – 2019

So so so excited!!!! 

On June 5, 2019, we dropped off (at a shipping terminal) about 900 lb. of school supplies heading to Ethiopia via our partner organization Temari Ethiopia (One Pupil). 

The school supplies are donated by the following schools: 

  1. Louisville Collegiate School –
  2. St. Albert The Great School –
  3. Our Savior Lutheran School –
  4. Christian Academy of Louisville –
  5. Ascension School –
  6. St. Francis School –
  7. Sacred Heart Academy –
  8. Kentucky Country Day School –
  9. Frederick Douglas Academy II – GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) Club in New York –
  10. Westport Village – in partnership with St. Albert The Great School

To our supporters and donors, we thank you for your continued donations both in school supplies and in monetary funds. 

Thank you so much for your support!

Senait Mareligne – Founder/Director


UniKids, a 501©3 non-profit organization in Louisville, KY, provides gently used and new school supplies to students in orphanages and underprivileged families in developing countries.

UniKids’ Year-End Update 2018

Dear Supporter:

We would like to start this email by THANKING YOU!!! full-heartedly for your love and support throughout this year. Your school supplies donations and monetary funds have been monumental in making this year a success.
Let the giving continues. Your continued financial support means we will be able to reach more students in 2019. Thank you for your continued donations of school supplies and funds. For Donation PayPal
The school supplies collected this year have found a good home in different parts of the world. Here is our update:

Philippines – Asia

Kids’ International Ministries – students at Cuatro Christian School received about 370 lbs. of school supplies as part of our continued partnership with Kids International Ministries. We thank Kaye Cherry for coordinating the delivery of the school supplies.
Helping Hands

The Virgin Islands

VI Montessori School – The hurricane that hit The Virgin Islands devastated the school and the community. We donated 800 lbs. of school supplies to help support the students at VI Montessori School.


Concerned People for New Haiti – Haiti has always been affected by natural disaster. The community works towards rebuilding and recover from the continuous difficulties. We hoped that we will alleviate some of the issues by donating school supplies to students in need. In August, we shipped 635 lbs. of school supplies.


Fair Earth Foundation for Human Wellness – a non-governmental organization dedicated to children, youth, women, and community. They work with the community on skill-based training, capacity building, and education. We wish to alleviate the lack of educational materials and support the community. In August, we donated 848 lbs. of school supplies.
ARUDEV – Our last shipment for the year went to Aim for Rural and Urban Development (ARUDEV). An organization that is set out to protect, respect and advance the development of children, women, elderly, youth and the community at large. We supported this organization by shipping 645 lbs. of school supplies.
We would not have been able to fulfill the educational needs of about 5,000 students without the support from you.
Again, thank you!
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Senait Mareligne and UniKids Team
UniKids, a 501©3 non-profit organization in Louisville, KY, provides gently used and new school supplies to students in orphanages and underprivileged families in developing countries.
Our Mission:
  • Provide new and gently used school supplies and educational materials to students in developing countries.
  • Foster a strong relationship between schools/students in developing and developed countries.
  • Ensure that grade-level students in developing countries are equipped with the educational materials they need to enhance their daily school activities.


School Supplies for US Virgin Islands

We have been provided with the following list of school supplies that are needed by the school in the US Virgin Islands. The Island was hit by last year’s hurricane and this school has been seriously affected as a result. Your support this year would mean the 200 students they serve will have continued supplies of educational materials. If you are not able to donate the school supplies, will you consider a monetary donation to help us with the shipping cost of the school supplies?

For a monetary donation, please Click Here.

For School supplies donation, please see the list below and contact me or 502.235.8682 to arrange to pick up/drop off.

  • Many easel style whiteboards
  • Small, lap size whiteboards
  • Expo markers & erasers
  • Sharpie markers (fine point, regular, extra-large)
  • Graphing display calculators
  • Cork boards
  • Post -It; various sized packs of colors
  • Post-It flags
  • Thermal laminating pouches 8 7/8″ x 11 3/8 “
  • 120 composition books-wide ruled Priority
  • 120 composition books-college ruled Priority
  • 120 graph ruled composition books-4 squares per inch Priority
  • Pencils-pre-sharpened, #2, soft lead yellow barrel Priority
  • Tri-fold display boards (black and white)
  • Binder clips-assorted sizes
  • Flash drives
  • Banker boxes

Thank you so much for your continued support. We can’t do all that we do without your help.

You are highly appreciated!

Senait Mareligne, Director, UniKids

UniKids, a 501©3 non-profit organization in Louisville, KY, provides gently used and new school supplies to students in orphanages and underprivileged families in developing countries.

Thank you Note – Humana

Last September, the StratCom Culture Club at Humana, Louisville, KY organized a collection drive to help UniKids. They collected and donated crayons, colored pencils, markers, rulers, erasers, scissors, folders, etc. We are so happy to have received these school supplies. Our special thanks goes out to our supporter and donor Tonya Donahue for coordinating this effort. Students in developing countries will be benefiting from the donations we received from the culture club. Thank you!

Ethiopian Folk Tale: THE GREEDY DOG

For generations, Ethiopian stories such as this, with their perceptive wit and useful lessons, have been used to entertain and instruct young children.

I am sharing these folk-tales from the collection of stories by author Shlomo Bachrach, 1967. 

A folk tale always starts with the teller saying “Teret Teret” and the kids saying “YeLam Beret“.

The Greedy Dog

Tadesse lived near the town of Ambo. He lived with his parents. He took care of his father’s sheep. Every day, he took the sheep to the field. His dog went with him. The dog was a good companion. He was very helpful. He helped Tadesse take care of the sheep. In the morning, the dog helped take the sheep to the field. In the evening, he helped bring the sheep home. The dog was a good worker, but he was also very greedy. He wanted everything for himself. 

One day, the dog stole some meat from the house. He ran away with it. Soon he came to a river. Over the river there was a bridge. As the dog crossed the bridge, he looked down at the water. He noticed his reflection in the water. He thought that it was another dog with more meat. At first, he was frightened by it. Then the greedy dog wanted the other piece of meat. He jumped into the water to get it. When he jumped into the water, he dropped his own piece of meat. He couldn’t find the other dog or the other piece of meat in the water.

“Oh!” he said. “It was a trick. There is nothing here.” Then he said happily, “I still have my own piece of meat.”

He looked for it but it was gone. “Now I have nothing,” he cried. In this way the dog learned a lesson. It is not good to be greedy.

The End!

Senait Mareligne