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Ethiopia visit Oct 2017

Thank you for visiting our page.  I had this idea of recycling school supplies when I realized that my children, at the end of every school year, come home with bags of used school supplies, put them away, and start their summer vacation. The supplies disappear unnoticed and unused. If you are like me and many parents, when school starts in August you end up buying new supplies, backpacks, etc. In 2007, I began sending out my children’s gently used school supplies to Ethiopia, my home country. The school supplies, though few in quantity, were helpful to children who go to my neighborhood school. They were excited to get crayons, markers, scissors, erasers, rulers, glue sticks, ruled papers, etc. They would have mainly continued their education with the basic pen and pencil. These supplies added color to their daily activities. In 2008, I extended the offer to my children’s school. The principal, teachers, parents, and students came on board and donated boxes of supplies. They donated with great enthusiasm and a big smile. In 2009, we got a second school on board and more than doubled our supplies. Today, we collaborate with several schools, organizations, and individuals to expand our global reach. I am thrilled to be part of this small movement, which one day will expand and connect our worlds with young helping hands. Thank you for your support. Senait Mareligne


Our Mission:

  • To provide new and gently used school supplies and educational materials to students in developing countries.
  • To foster a strong relationship between schools/students in developing and developed countries.
  • To ensure that grade-level students in developing countries are equipped with the educational materials they need to enhance their daily school activities.

Request School Supplies

UniKids strives to help students with their school supplies needs. We would love to hear from you. Please complete and submit your request along with the necessary documents. We will respond to you as soon as possible.  

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Imagine the excitement on a child's face when receiving a gift. Your donation of any amount will help us deliver a gift of school supplies to children whose life is impacted by poverty or lose of parents. Let us shine their world together. Thank you!

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Collection Drive

Recycle School Supplies - Kids to Donate to a Cause

Where will the school supplies your children used during the school year be? Will they be stored in the basement, the closet, or will they still be in the backpack? Put these used school supplies to a good use. Donate to students who cannot afford to buy new supplies.

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