School Supplies Collection – Our Savior Lutheran School

The fun of collecting school supplies has begun…

After the Mayor Give-a-Day week kick-off in April, we continued to build a relationship with more schools so students can donate their gently used and new school supplies. Our first stop was Our Savior Lutheran School. This is the school where both my kids went until grade 8. They adored their teachers and the community. OSLS teachers and staff have always been supportive of UniKids and each year, I have been stopping by the last day of school to collect what the students donated.

Students in the Philippines – 2016 school supplies recipients

Today, even if it was raining, Gilles (my other half) and I went to the school to collect while the students are gathered at the chapel for their graduation ceremony with family. The hallway was quiet as we pushed the cart from classroom to classroom. We finished our collect by the 7th-grade classroom. 8th-grade students normally are gone (already graduated) and they don’t seem to have a thing left to donate 🙂

The amount donated this year, I have to say, is quite low for a couple of reasons, I think. One is that I forgot to drop off labeled boxes in each classroom ahead of time and two, the fact that I am not an OSLS parent anymore, I didn’t get a chance to personally rally the teachers to make time to help with the donation. However, beggars don’t choose and I am grateful for the amount donated. Next year, I will be better prepared as I know for sure that OSLS students are givers and they will do more if prompted well. I want to thank the principal, Mr. Wrucke, the school office administrator Tracy Hannon, all the teachers, students, and parents.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Senait Mareligne

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